E2District Public Deliverables 

E2District is voluntarily participating in the Horizon 2020 Open Data pilot and is committed to enhancing interrelated research in the EU energy efficiency domain.

Work Package 6

D6.1 Dissemination and Communication Plan (DCP)
This report outlines the E2District Dissemination and Communication Plan (DCP). The plan identifies, organises and defines the management and promotion of project objectives and results. The aim of the E2District project is to develop, deploy, validate and demonstrate a novel cloud based District Management and Decision Support framework for next generation DHC systems. Therefore, the dissemination strategy employed builds on the requirements specification conducted in the early stages of the project (D1.1) to ensure a focus on the relevant stakeholders. The idea underpinning the dissemination strategy is to take key external stakeholders through a three stage process of awareness, understanding and action, so that, ultimately, relevant stakeholders are applying the E2District solution for optimised community energy management.

D6.2 Data Management Plan (DMP)

This document establishes the E2District project's approach to data management for the datasets captured or processed inside the project, according to the guidelines published by the EC. The plan identifies how data collected or generated  by the E2District project will be organised, stored and shared and specifies what type of data will be made publicly available by the project (open access) in so far as it is possible to do at this stage of the project. Suitable public repositiories to store the data have also been identified. This DMP is not a fixed document and will, therefore, evolve throughout the E2District project according to the progress of project activities.

D6.3 Implementation of Dissemination/Communication of Results Report I
​This deliverable presents the dissemination and communications activities for the initial15 month period of the E2District project which had the objective of assisting the project in achieving the greatest possible impact among E2District’s stakeholders in Europe. It includes details of dissemination and communication activities from all five partners of the E2District consortium.