E2District Main Objective

E2District aims to develop, deploy, validate, and demonstrate a novel cloud enabled District Management and Decision Support framework for DHC systems, which will deliver compound energy cost savings of 30%.
Objective 1

Development of District Simulation Platform, which will be used as an Asset Portfolio Decision Support tool to optimise DHC asset configuration and utilisation targeting >5% energy reduction.
Objective 2

Development of intelligent adaptive DHC control and optimisation methods targeting an energy cost reduction between 10 and 20%, including flexible production, storage and demand (prosumer) assets, and system-level fault detection and diagnostics algorithms for physical and operational fault root cause identification and analysis supporting cost-effective DHC maintenance.
Objective 3

Development of a behaviour analytics tool for learning and continuously refining the demand behaviour models, and to develop prosumer engagement tools and user interfaces that keep the human end user in the loop, targeting overall energy savings of 5%.
Objective 4

Development of a flexible District Operation System for the efficient, replicable and scalable deployment of DHC monitoring, intelligent control, FDD and prosumer engagement & analytics tool.
Objective 5

Development of novel business models for district heating and cooling Operators, Integrators and Designers, including lessons learned and guidelines for achieving energy efficient districts.

Objective 6

Validation, evaluation, and demonstration of E2District platform benefits based on selected key performance indicators in 3 different demonstration sites.

Objective 7

Development of strong and rigorous dissemination, exploitation and path-to-market strategies to ensure project outcomes are communicated to all DHC stakeholders and the scientific community as well as all of the relevant DHC associations (such as E2BA and DHC+).