Demo Sites
The selected Demonstration District is part of the CIT Bishopstown campus district in Cork, Ireland. The district is a third level institute, hosting about 800 full-time staff, 650 part-time staff, 7800 full time students and 3200 part time students. As such, it is primarily used for education (main building block) and research (CREATE). This makes the district research friendly and ready, facilitating a living lab environment in which research experiments and demonstrations can be carried out across the whole operating envelope of the DHC system, which would typically not be possible in a commercial DHC system. Occupancy is mostly during office hours and varies with the academic year. It dips in Dec-Jan (60, 20% occupancy), April (60% occupancy), and July-Sept (20, 20, 30% occupancy). The research strategy for CIT is to create a campus wide research infra-structure for energy research. 

In order to assess whether the research outputs of E2District are replicable beyond the CIT campus district, Veolia have identified possible district heating system sites from their portfolio that the project can utilise to assess transferability of results and approaches​.

CIT Bishopstown campus district